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The history of C Joy Internet Radio.

C Joy Internet Radio began on January 1, 2005. Streaming first to a conference room. Since then, C joy has expanded to two radio stations and one Television station. As of January 1, 2018, our venture became a not-for-profit organization not only providing wholesome programming on the internet, carrying out a vision of training and employment for the disabled. The original owner Darryl Breffe, CEO in charge of broadcast operations, is totally blind and has been in radio for over 40 years, and wants to extend employment and training to others with disabilities. HE along with our other CEO Lita Robinson, in charge of sales and marketing, has one employee who has disabilities having a radio background, does our production work for us. As the original owner, I consider this work a ministry and consider this ministry a privelege from the Lord. Our mission is spreading the gospel and making others independent and self-supporting where they live. We currently have over 41 broadcasters. Our aim is to have a network of stations providing work for many. We are now known as C Joy Networks INC.

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To help our organization, you can turn your unwanted items into cash and help us reach our goals. We except houses, vans, stocks, moving vehicles, redeemable for cash.

After you have looked around this site and listened to our streaming stations, a tax-deductable donation from you our visitors will be greatly appreciated. We are a 501(c)3 organization providing wholesome programming (family oriented). Our purpose besides bringing the good news of Jesus Christ, is to provide training and employment to the disabled from all walks of life. Your donations (any size) will help us further our goals in making the disabled a working part of their communities in where they live. Call us and make a donation using any major credit or debit card at 508.957.3530. Press the 0 key when prompted.
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A network of growing stations for the whole family.

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Our motto is quality programming for the whole family.

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Lita Robinson ... NATIONAL SALES REP 508.957.3530 x5.

Streaming since JANUARY 1, 2005.

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TO REACH OUR !LIVE! STUDIO ... CALL 508.957.3530, AND PRESS 1. When prompted use conference I.D. 53787#.

Darryl Breffe President--CEO in charge of broadcast operations.

Lita Robinson President--COO in charge of sales and marketing.

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At C Joy Internet Radio, our broadcasters develop relationships that last a lifetime.

The staff here believe in bonding with love and faith; one towards the other..

To become a broadcaster on our stations, call our office at 508.957.3530.

We're one big happy family.

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If you have problems accessing the station for the first time, please call us at the voice number listed below.

Some one will help you. Also, if you need prayer and some one to talk to, call us anytime at 508.957.3530.



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